Comic Books Q&A

So you took excellent care of your comic books and built your collection to the impressive level it’s at now! Doesn’t matter whether you’re fond of X-Men, Spiderman or the Superman series, if you have their editions from the old times, you might have something interesting and valuable in your hands!

Comic book collection is a huge hobby! Even if you read comic books just for enjoyment purposes, it’s an excellent way of reconnecting with your childhood and making some money in the process! Here are some important question and answers related to the comic books.

When did comic books arrive?
There’s plenty of debate surrounding this question. No one has an exact idea when the first comic book was published. Many believe that the “Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck”, written way back in the year 1837 in Europe, was the first-ever comic book to be created. Later on, graphic novels came into being in the New York City in the year 1842. It was a 40 page long book, not having any characters or regular text bubbles. You could read the text at the bottom of panels. It was created by Rudolphe Topffer who later created seven more graphic type novels in various languages. Although more comic books were released after that, no one has any idea about their success and popularity. Then came the hugely popular ‘The Yellow Kid’.

Which is the longest-running character or series in the comic book history?
It would be a split between Little Nemo in Slumberland, Jeff and Mutt and Popeye. After these, there are others highly popular ones like Phantom, Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy. Comic books have been in existence for over 100 years now, and have undergone all sorts of changes with the changing ways of the society. Look around and you’ll find comic books in all possible languages. Nevertheless, two of the biggest comic book markets continue to be Japan and the United States.

How to determine the correct value of a comic book?
A comic book’s value can be ascertained by paying attention to several important factors. The first and foremost is the year it was published in. The second is about the main character and/or storyline of the comic. If it’s about a popular character like Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Batman or Superman, it may be worth much more money, as there are a large number of collectors of these highly popular story arcs. The number of copies of a comic book that were printed at a particular time, is another important factor that may determine the value of comic book.
The value may automatically come down if the market was bombarded by that particular edition. The final factor that comes into play is the condition of the comic book you have in hand. A copy that has been stored carefully and bears no tears, smudges or marks, is worth far more than one which is not in good shape. This is the reason why collectors take their physical copies so seriously. It’s all about the love of the character and/or story for them.